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Letter to readers

Dear Colleagues!

Association of Russian Ozone Therapeutists is pleased to present You a new scientific journal «Bioradicals and Antioxidants». The idea of its creation was based on the results of experimental and clinical investigations of last 30-years and summaries of many All-Russian and International scientific conferences for ozone therapy and reactive oxygen species (ROS) regularly conducted in Nizhny Novgorod and Smolensk (Russia). These reasons shown that any technologies are including ROS use must be justified strongly with identification of its sanogenic mechanisms.

For this task solution we must study not only pathophysiological and toxicological aspects of ROS action, but all spectrum of its physiological role in organism functioning. The understanding of these findings allows treating with ozone more correctly.

Now many scientists associate a problem of aging and different human and animals pathology with prolonged accumulation of ROS and lipid peroxidation hyperactivation, are not controlled with own antioxidant system. In this connection use of antioxidants and other membrane protectors is obvious.

It was shown by numerous experimental and clinical studies that ROS low doses modulate free radical processes in vivo and stimulate antioxidant potential for correction of oxidative stress and activation of readaptation. These effects are connected with very high energy of ROS, which caused generation of electron-excited states.

At other side, elevated level of ROS may provoke a formation of pathological changes in life systems, including apoptosis, free radical damage of lipids and oxidative modification of proteins and nucleic acids. That is why problems of safety and individual selection of optimal ROS type and its dose with informative laboratory and functional methods of estimation of ozone therapy effectiveness are particularly relevant. Indicated tasks should be solved in subsequent studies.

It is crucial to underline that ROS is universal natural bioregulator is playing a key role in different functional and metabolic processes, important for restorative and regenerative medicine.

Last International congresses in Russia («Ozone, reactive oxygen species, nitric oxide and high-energy physical factors in biology and medicine» [Nizhny Novgorod, 2013]; «Reactive oxygen species, nitric oxide, antioxidants and human health» [Smolensk, 2014]; «Gasotransmitters: physiology and pathophysiology [Kazan, 2014]), numerous special papers in russian and world journals indicates continuing interest of researchers and practitioners to bioradicals.

Prolonged investigations of ozone therapy clinical efficiency is confirmed ROS action, associated with restoration of pro- and antioxidant balance, stimulation of energy metabolism, reparative processes and optimization of rehabilitation of patients with different pathology. Present world experience of ozone use in medicine indicates on its multiply positive effect on healthy people and patients.

Now main mechanisms of sanogenic action of ozone are well-studied. It includes:

  • at local use – bactericide, viricide and fungicide effects;
  • at systemic use – optimization of oxidative metabolism, vasodilatation, oxygen homeostasis reactivation, microcirculation stimulation, anti-inflammatory effect, immunomodulation, oxidative detoxication etc.

In Russia ozone therapy is developed by some scientists from Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Kirov, Sarov, Ivanovo, Saransk, Volgograd, Tomsk, Kazan, Samara and others. Principal role in this process belong to Association of Russian Ozone Therapeutists, is founded in Nizhny Novgorod in 1995. It collected all data about mechanisms of ozone sanogenic effects and clinical experience of its use at different pathology.

In our country apparatuses for ozone therapy and NO-therapy were constructed and produced by some industry companies from Moscow, Sarov, Arzamas, Kirov etc.

Novelty, priority, and scientific importance of this medical technologies were confirmed as official scientific discoveries («The regularity of the formation of adaptive mechanisms of mammals in systemic exposure to low doses of ozone», 2006; «The regularity of change in serum levels of dissolved FAS-antigen and the number of FAS-positive mononuclear cells in the peripheral blood of the human body under the action of low therapeutic doses of ozone», 2007). Fundamental basis and practical appliance of ozone is supported by more than 220 dissertations and 150 patents in Russian Federation. Technologies of ozone therapy were approved by Federal Service of Health Care Control. Now these methods are used in 80 regions of Russia.

The prerogative of Russian ozone therapy is the development of a technology system application of ozonized saline, use of ozone in intensive care, including its combination with other efferent methods, extracorporal blood ozonation etc. For efficiency control and individualization of ozone therapy biochemiluminescense analysis was proposed and justified.

It is important that not only ozone can be successfully used in clinical medicine and veterinary. In last years wide possibilities of new bioregulators, such as singlet oxygen, nitric oxide, hydrogen sulfate and others, are shown. These data is disclosing the molecular effects of indicated bioregulators allow to expand the spectrum of medical technologies, based on ROS, NO and other bioradicals.

Welcome to all specialists to collaboration on the field of ROS, NO and bioradicals biomedicine within the framework of new scientific journal «Bioradicals and Antioxidants»!



Vice-President of ISCO3,

President of Association of Russian Ozone Therapeutists,

Head of Experimental Medicine Department of

V olga Federal Medical Research Center,

Doct of Sci. (Med.), Prof. S.P. Peretyagin

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